WE CARE: ITS Prague Receives Recognition from Balance Centrum


For the second year, the HR Department has worked in cooperation with Balance Centrum to prepare events and services to improve your health (including Day with a Psychologist and the Employee Helpline).

Last week, IT Services Prague received an official certificate from Balance Centrum, who decided to reward ITS Prague for the professional approach and focus we put on employees‘ mental health.

Balance Centrum appreciates our Year of Health Program, especially the Health Day events, (Day with a Psychologist and the Employee Helpline). They see us as an exceptional, innovative and forward-thinking company in comparison to other companies on the market.

We asked Mgr. Jana Kastnerova, the psychologist we work with at Balance Centrum, a few questions about how she sees our company.


Are other companies also taking care of their employees‘ health? Has it become a standard of the Czech market?

It differs a lot. Some companies still think there is no need to invest into mental health, and they just do education that „must“ be directly connected with performance. Most companies consider the psychological aspect of the performance to be important, and slowly try to start with prevention or to organize health events in general. Then there are companies, such as IT Services Prague, which actively organize projects focused on the psychological health of the employees. This is really great.


Which of the activities done in ITS Prague do you consider the most successful?

I consider the „Day with the Psychologist“ to be the most successful one. It is fully utilized: employees consider this service to be very useful for their personal as well as professional life. They appreciate that this service is free for them as one of the company benefits. Also, even if there are less than 100 phone calls per month from the employees, the Helpline is still useful. This gives employees the possibility to call and ask for the help, if there is a need. It is like an air-bag in the car. You might never use it, but you are glad to have it, because it can save your health as well as your life. The effect of the service is emotional release and stress level reductions, as well as finding a solution.


Could you briefly describe what is going on during the „Day with the Psychologist“ event?

Employees are given the date of this service through the ITS Bulletin. They call the psychologist (me) directly to book their time. After they come, I am there for them according to what they need. Based on my professional judgment and expertise, I adopt the method for the client – psychotherapy, coaching, body-therapy, sharing, emotional support – the best I can do for my client in the particular situation and as a benefit for their future life.


What else can somebody do when they are seeking support?

Feel free to use the service. It is very useful and free for you, as part of the company benefits. To take care of your psychological health is worth it for health, work performance and your happiness.


And one practical piece of advice: Breath in and breath out… Calm down your body and mind.


Thank you